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THE ORIGIN MEDICINES of energy . guidance . intelligence . truth . and magic

I am grateful to live and love here on this beautiful planet known as Earth

I am a clear and conscious channel and I am a messenger.
I am a clear and aware seer and I am a visionary (realist).
I am a clear and compassionate Middle Being and I am caring and attentive.
I am a clear and grateful traveler of destiny and I am here for now.

I am an interplanetary writer, channel, counselor and healing support "Middle Being" for The Creator Source. I am here to activate and support the humans (animals, plants and nature and social environments) and the super humans as we co-create our  transformations from self to spirit to soul beings. As a collective we are here/now to serve The Creator Source, ourselves and others that are here to serve.

I transfer healing and translate wisdom by energy influence as a direct channel interceptor. I have discovered that in this way, I participate and channel on behalf of *The Collective* a.k.a.The All, The Almighty, The God and/or Goddess, The Great Spirit, The Many, The ONE, The WE for the promotion of the promised highest good. Whatever it is called that is of the *Source of Love*, I'll work with and for. If it isn't for love, I'm not in it.

I am here to guide and support you while you are on your journey in this lifetime. It is part of my assignment to assist you in knowing and feeling your true self, your true nature and more. I am blessed to live on the sacred red earth of the high desert of the south west. Many call this area Sedona, AZ, a miraculously beautiful tourist town. It is here that I meet, counsel and offer healing support to people from all over the world. My days are truly amazing. I guide individuals, couples and groups.

You are welcome to reach out and contact me.

Blessings, love and more,

Sohanna .. .. ..

.. .. ..

The "Skulp"

It's not because of chemo.

It's not "a Spiritual pledge".

It's not a cool, or sexy "thang".

It's a fascinating experience.

It's a SOUL agreement, fulfilled.

It's truth.

It's emancipation.

It's courage.

It's a blessing.

It's a Great Master.

It's a teaching tool.

It's a daily practice.

It's me.
.. .. ..

Image credit to Ken Dauth of Sedona, AZ

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     Laurel Lyons .. .. .. a woman who appreciates sacred life energy
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    The Origin Medicines - energy . guidance . intelligence . truth

     "The greatest love reveals itself when you no longer need to know
                               what kind of love the love is. "
  Laurel Lyons              

                                               phone 805.760.8399